Imagine having REAL support from other women business owners!

Finally Get the Real Guidance + Accountability You've Been Craving!

Stop Going It Alone!

As a solopreneur, it's easy to find yourself working in isolation. 

You work hard (super hard!) trying to figure everything out, worrying if you’re doing it right and lost in a sea of decisions. But are you working smart? Why do it alone when you can truly connect and collaborate with others on this same entrepreneurial journey. 

Maybe it's time to dive into a group of supportive, inspiring and aspiring fellow women biz owners!

Springboard Circles are Currently Running! But sign up to be notified when we're back in Winter!

Large group facilitated mastermind for the emerging savvy solopreneur.


 90 days of weekly accountability via group calls. Everyone has the chance to share their progress and action items each week. Includes opportunities to be spotlighted for dedicated brainstorming.  


Weekly Mentor Monday Facebook Lives with Jenn, co-founder of LearnSavvy, where you can ask questions and get the answers you need. Questions shared with community for further insights, ideas and suggestions.  


You will be in a group of up to 20 other female solopreneurs. Make real connections as you share, interact, support and help other women in your Circle.

Springboard Circles:

  • 90 Days of support, guidance, connection
  •  Next Circle starts *WINTER 2017*
  • Circles meet once a week and run 12 weeks.
  • Up to 20 women in a Circle
  •  Weekly calls via Zoom
  •  Monday Mentor FB Lives
  •  Accountability check-ins
  • And a whole lot of love from other amazing women!
  •  $49/month (3 month commitment)

Finally Make Progress In Your Business!

What Can You Get Done When You Have Accountability?

If you had 90 days to work on a project with support, guidance, and accountability how far might your business soar?  

We all have those projects and ideas that we want to see in the world but we keep putting them off. Maybe we just don't know where/how to begin or we're simply too scared to start.  

This is your chance to have a group of women rallying behind you and helping you choose the next best step... together!


Get clear on what your priorties are and what the best next step(s) are for YOUR business.

A Plan

90-days together! We want you to make the most of your time so we help you come up with a savvy plan for success.


Working each week with clarity and purpose will create progress like you've never seen! 


You may be a solopreneur but that doesn't mean you need to go at it solo! Learn, connect, build and grow with other supportive women all while making lasting friendships.


About the Facilitator

Well hi there!

I’m Jenn Aubert, co-founder of LearnSavvy and author of Women Entrepreneur Revolution: Ready! Set! Launch! I absolutely love what I do - running a business and helping others realize their business dreams and success! 

I don’t pretend to be an expert in all things (although I know a lot) and I’m definitely no flashy biz guru (ick!). I’m more like a close biz girlfriend you call when you get stuck and need some help finding your way or figuring out the next best step. 

This isn’t about me though. Although I'm a facilitator and mentor, I'm here to guide and support YOU on your journey. I’m dedicated to helping you find your path and the success that you desire and deserve. 

 I love bringing amazing women together to support and share, build and grow and to have fun while walking this crazy path of entrepreneurship. We’ve built a wonderfully supportive community to help ALL of us take those next small and big steps towards greatness, freedom and joy.  

Is this for you?

Who this is for:

 :: Women business owners who want to make big changes in their lives and are willing to commit to doing it!  

:: Believe that “a rising tide lifts all boats”.  

:: Committed to working in a collaborative, friendly, honest and supportive environment.  

:: Know that stepping outside your comfort zone is where the real magic happens and is willing to do so.  

:: Excited to meet, connect and dive deep with other like-minded, aspiring and ambitious women biz owners.  

:: Ready to identify one big goal/project and get down to business!  

:: You’re a little bit scared by this possibility, but really really want to make some big changes and think that a peer group would make a big difference. (you’re definitely in the right place) 

Who this NOT for:

:: If you plan to use this group for the sole purpose of marketing/promoting yourself.  

:: If you get defensive when people make helpful decisions.  

:: If you’re not willing to commit to weekly calls and committed-to action tasks.  

:: If your business is a multi-level marketing (MLM) type of business.  

:: If you’re closed-minded and not open to other people’s differences, preferences or choices.  

:: If you’re mean, selfish, over critically, overly competitive, aggressive, inauthentic, or simply angry at the world.


I got so much more!

Thanks to the accountability, brainstorming power and insights of the women in my Circle I have been able to achieve a lot in just 90 days! 

I was able to validate my business idea, start work with clients, start developing a brand and further refine my strategy. But I also got so much more - I met wonderful women who every week gave me support, encouragement and friendship.

Ellen Jobling | Lessig



Participating in Savvy Circles is one of the best business decisions I have ever made.

Connecting with other entrepreneurial women was such a supportive and eye-opening experience. Sharing our struggles and finding solutions as a team was not only a comfort - it was extremely transformative for my business.  

I was able to get laser focused in accomplishing a BIG goal that would have likely taken me 3 or 4 times as long to complete without the support of the group and the compassionate accountability it provided.  

Ashley Leavy | Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy

Welcome to Your Springboard Circle !